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We offer a range of San Diego therapy services that will give you hope for a better future. Heal faster with our counseling and neurofeedback services.

what is your main concern right now?

Recover from trauma? Reduce anxiety or depression? Be able to sleep better?

We provide the highest level of care and individualized care to support your journey of healing. We have a team of trauma-trained therapists that provide Evidenced Based Therapeutic Services to support the body and mind’s natural intelligence and desire to heal. We offer Neurofeedback services to help reduce anxiety and arousal that is created from a traumatic event, in order to live a life free from stress and fear.


Providing physiological support to trauma survivors. Helping the brain and body heal from the effects of trauma. Treating Anxiety, ADHD, Panic, Depression, Trauma/PTSD and ASD around San Diego County.

Adult Therapy

We provide adults age 18 and up with individual trauma-informed therapy services around San Diego County and throughout California.

Child & Family Therapy

We provide individual child therapy to children ages 5-17 to give hope and strength for the future. We assist the family in healing from the traumatic event in a more united and supportive way so that attachment and healthy communication can progress.

Group Therapy

We offer a variety of group therapy services for children and adults to increase ones sense of support and validation so that clients know that they are not alone in their healing.


Connect with us through our Client Portal. We are able to work with clients throughout the state of California. You can begin treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Learn about Neurofeedback

Click on the button above to watch the video where Dr. Christiana Silva explains the benefit of Neurofeedback therapy