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SDTC provides a welcoming and supportive environment for treatment. Our goal is to provide counseling and neurofeedback options for mental health treatment that have been shown to reduce problematic symptoms that have resulted from the trauma and life stressors so that you can live a life free from fear and worry. San Diego Therapy Center is a local Non-Profit in San Diego with a strong mission to help our community.

We Appreciate Your Support!

San Diego Therapy Center is a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) that accepts donations. If you donate to our organization, you may be able to claim a deduction on your federal taxes. Here are a few things we can do with your donation:

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We are a Local 501(c)3 San Diego Non-Profit

Our Mission is to

  • Stop the cycle of abuse and victimization, through providing specialized, trauma-informed counseling and neurofeedback services
  • Improve the life circumstances of victims of trauma, especially children and their families
  • Increase Mental Health Care access at low-cost for the underserved and disenfranchised

Your Donation can

  • Provide therapy services
  • Allow access to Neurofeedback services
  • Create systemic change in breaking the cycle of abuse
  • Educate future therapists to be trained on evidenced-based treatments


The number of trauma-informed therapy and neurofeedback sessions conducted, making a meaningful impact on our community’s mental health landscape.
The number of low-cost sessions offered to individuals and families in need, totaling $494,175 in value, to ensure affordability and accessibility to mental health care.
The number of free therapy and neurofeedback sessions given by our dedicated providers to children, adolescents, and adults impacted by trauma and child abuse. Totaling $80,400 in value.
We invested in the professional development of future therapists by providing training to over 13 master’s and doctoral graduate students from various universities in San Diego County.
We expanded our reach by hiring more master’s level associate therapists and opening a new office location with four offices in Mission Valley.
Furthermore, we established partnerships with two local school districts to extend our services to students in need.

how we can help you:​

The trauma you’ve experienced changed your brain. We offer counseling and neurofeedback services to help you heal.

Who we are?

We have over 12 years of experience in healing children and families in San Diego

We are a San Diego non-profit with a strong mission to provide access to treatment, low cost counseling and neurofeedback services to children and adults in our community. We have been in operation since 2010 and have provided thousands of children and families with long-term trauma-focused therapy services to assist in their own recovery. We’ve recently acquired San Diego Center for Neurofeedback, a physiological treatment to help clients recover from the effects of trauma.

We help kids to express themselves in their own unique ways and are mindful of each individual’s pace of healing and disclosure. We strive to build resilience in families and develop greater attachment bonds. Our ultimate goal is to support the change from Victim to Survivor to Thriver!

Our goal is to support our clients and provide a safe and caring environment for healing. We work to empower each individual to assert themselves and to be able to feel confident in who they are.

We thank our partners​

have you experienced trauma?​

We specialize in helping victims of Trauma

  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Battery (injury or threat of injury)
  • Child abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child endangerment and abandonment
  • Domestic violence
  • Driving under the influence
  • Elder Abuse
  • Hate Crimes
  • Homicide
  • Human Trafficking
  • Hit and run
  • Murder
  • Online Harassment
  • Robbery

Trauma Recovery Therapy

Individuals who have experienced trauma may have issues with emotional dysregulation, behavior dysregulation, physiological issues, and difficulties in
coping with personal, work, or relationship-based stressors.

We help adults and children recover from enduring abuse, violence, or mental illnesses with therapy services and neurofeedback. Low fee options for counseling are available. Most Insurances are also accepted.


Neurofeedback is able to help children, teenagers, and adults who have experienced Trauma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), ADHD and Anxiety disorders as well as a variety of other mental health and physiological symptoms.

Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback or brain training, helps train your brain to self-regulate and correct issues that impact your optimal functioning. A self-regulated brain improves the functioning of the central nervous system, mental performance, emotional regulation, and physiological stability.

A dysregulated brain has difficulty calming down at appropriate moments, adding physiological symptoms like sleep issues, panic, migraines and focusing more on just surviving rather than thriving. Neurofeedback will help to get back to your optimal functioning, so you can life your life and thrive!


The pandemic has changed many areas of our lives. One area that mental health services have changed is through the popularity of telehealth counseling services. One study found that about 83% of patients are planning on using telehealth services for their mental health appointments. Most clients report that telehealth is more convenient and easier to access because of limited time availability, travel constraints, and the comfortability of the environment.

Telehealth has been a crucial service to provide to trauma survivors who might be contending with child care issues, busy schedules, and desire to be seen in their own home environment. We are able to service clients throughout the state of California.

1 in 13 Americans develop PTSD, and more than two-thirds of children reported at least 1 traumatic event by age 16. At least 1 in 7 children have experienced child abuse and/or neglect in the past year, and this is likely an underestimate.

The Positive Parenting Program

OH MY GOSH, it DID work….

I too was sure these things wouldn’t work when I started trying them with my own children. I did them knowing it was just too easy to really make it different and OH MY GOSH, it DID work….I told them, it was like a miracle! As my own learning grew and I became more Positive and Disciplined, I thought, I’ll try this with the kids I supervise at work. WOW, more miracles.
a Juvenile Probation Officer for 30 years and taught parenting classes for parents


The Positive Parenting Program is a court-approved 10-week interactive parenting program designed to teach positive intervention skills to parents in a therapeutic environment.

This program promotes healthy parenting through parent coaching, role play, skills training, education, and guidance. The positive parenting program will help to teach parents how to increase positive communication with their child, establish routines to minimize conflict, teach positive discipline techniques and reinforce the attachment bond between child and parent. Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. We want to empower you to be the best parent you can be!

Our goal is to provide all parents regardless of financial ability the means to learn the skills to be compassionate, connected, loving parents.


Parenting is one of the most challenging roles a person can have. We hope to provide tools and techniques for parents to learn the skills to help parents reduce bad behaviors and increase good behaviors. We aim to address and teach:

  • Mutual respect. Adults model firmness by respecting themselves and the needs of the situation, and kindness by respecting the needs of the child.
  • Identifying the belief behind the behavior. Effective discipline recognizes the reasons kids do what they do and works to change those beliefs, rather than merely attempting to change behavior.
  • Effective communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Discipline that teaches (and is neither permissive nor punitive).
  • Focusing on solutions instead of punishment.
  • Encouragement (instead of praise). Encouragement notices effort and improvement, not just success, and builds long-term self-esteem and empowerment.
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Working together to heal and find support in recovery from trauma…

We believe that every child, adult, and family has the potential to thrive.

Enjoy your life​

We work with you and provide counseling and neurofeedback to help you heal from your traumatic experience so that you can live a life free from dread, depression and anxiety.

Your potential​

We help you identify ways that you may have been negatively impacted by the traumatic event and set goals in areas you want to address, so you can live a more fulfilling life centered on thriving instead of surviving.

Accept change​

The road to recovery is not easy. We welcome you into our supportive and non-judgmental environment so growth and healing can begin. We are here to guide you and walk beside you on this journey.

Finding balance​

SDTC takes a holistic approach to healing through the focus on emotional and physiological supportive techniques such as trauma-focused therapy techniques and neurofeedback services.


San Diego Therapy Center serves 7 locations. Call 619.289.7322 or Learn More.

Mission Valley & Neurofeedback

2515 Camino del Rio S Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92108

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Oceanside & Neurofeedback

2124 S El Camino Real Suite 101
Oceanside, CA 92054

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Central San Diego – Your Safe Place

1122 Broadway Unit 200
San Diego, CA 92101

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2271 Alpine Blvd
Alpine CA 91901

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Chula Vista

2300 Boswell Rd Ste 125
Chula Vista, CA 91914

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La Mesa

9029 Park Plaza Drive. Suite 101
La Mesa, CA 91942

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8772 Cuyamaca St Suite 103
Santee, CA 92071

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How to donate?

You can make a difference!


San Diego Therapy Center is a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) that accepts donations. If you donate to our organization, you may be able to claim a deduction on your federal taxes. Here are a few things we can do with your donation:

  • Provide counseling services for children and adolescents who don’t have the financial means to access quality services.
  • Allow individuals with limited income to be able to access Neurofeedback services as an alternative to medication treatment.
  • Create systemic change in breaking the cycle of abuse by allowing access to quality treatment for those who typically can’t afford treatments.
  • Allow education about the cycle of abuse and the effects trauma has on the brain.
  • Educate future therapists to be trained on evidenced-based treatments and ensure our future community is supported.