We will be forever grateful for our contributors, donors, sponsors, grantors, funders, and gift-givers. These amazing companies and people have helped us help others!

2nd Annual Auction & Wine Pull

Thank you to our 2024 Auction Contributors!

Auction starts Friday, July 12th at 9am, ending at 7pm on July 20th at the Wine Pull.


Donors & Gifts

We are deeply grateful to the businesses and individuals whose generosity has enriched our fundraiser and empowered our mission to provide essential treatments for children and families navigating the aftermath of traumatic events. Your thoughtful donations and gifts have not only bolstered our fundraising efforts but have also infused hope and healing into the lives of those we serve. With your support, we are able to offer vital therapy services, creating a lifeline of support for children and families as they embark on their journey of healing and recovery.


Corporate Sponsors

We extend our sincerest gratitude to our esteemed corporate sponsors. Your generous support enables us to provide essential therapy services to adults and children who have experienced trauma, offering them a path towards healing and restoration. Together, we are breaking barriers, fostering resilience, and building a future where everyone has access to the care they deserve. Thank you for your invaluable contribution and for standing with us in our mission to create a world where trauma survivors can thrive.


Grants & Funders

We extend our deepest appreciation to the compassionate grants and funders whose generosity enables us to provide vital therapy services to adults and children who have experienced trauma. Your support is the cornerstone of our mission, allowing us to offer healing, hope, and resilience to those in need. With your partnership, we are able to nurture safe spaces, facilitate healing journeys, and empower survivors to reclaim their lives. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by trauma.